Azure Sky Emblem is an item in Frosaken world. It has the following description:


Using Azure Sky EmblemEdit

First make sure your Flying Experience bar is full. This can be seen in the character window:


Then talk to Nadine in Nightfall Citadel and select the 'Flying: Mark of Excellence' option:


Nadine will ask you for a Azure Sky Emblem:


The quest is then added to your quest tracker:


Once you have the Azure Sky Emblem, return to Nadine and select the 'Flying: Mark of Excellence' option again. Nadine will ask you to confirm you want to increase our flying level:


After clicking 'I am ready, Nadine. Please teach me.', the following messages appear in the chat:


The Flying Experience bar is emptied and you can start over again for the next level:


Obtaining Azure Sky EmblemEdit

The following is a list of ways to obtain a Azure Sky Emblem:

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