Adventurer Alchemist Arcanist Armorsmith Artisan Botanist Chef
Fisher Merchant Miner Scavenger Socialite Tamer Weaponsmith




If you wish to know who has the sharpest eyes in Eyrda, the answer is the Collector. He can easily tell if a blade is of "Rosemason" quality, or simply a cheap hunk of metal forged by an amateur.

The Collectors are experts at amassing valuable items. The entirety of Eyrda's artifacts could easily end up in their hands. In a pinch, they can use the skill "Copy" to copy what they cannot get. They are also able to "Print." With this skill they can relay the adventures of any person in Eyrda through written tales.

It is the collectors who catalog the history of Eyrda. They also serve as tutors to the young and uninitiated.


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