Companion Points are points used in Pet Journeys. The following in-game hint is available in the Pet Journeys screen:


Using companion pointsEdit

Companion points are used to send pets on journeys. In the Pet Journeys screen, the points column indicates how many companion points are spent when sending the pet on the jouney:


Once you select a jouney and press 'Begin', the companion points are deducted.

Interaction point exchangeEdit

As indicated above, the interaction points can be exchanged for companion points trough the following button in the Pet Journeys screen:


The following screen appears:


You use the slider to adjust the percentage of interaction points you want to convert, or use the input field to enter a number manually. In this case, there are 17 interaction points. Setting the slider halfway will set it to 10 interaction points, which will then be added to the companion points in a 1-1 ratio.

Viewing your companion pointsEdit

In order to view the amount of companion points you have, do the following:

1. Click the pet icon in the top-right corner of the screen:


2. The Pet Jouney screen should appear along with your pet screen. If this does not happen, click the Journeys button in the pets screen:


3. In the Journeys screen, the companion points are displayed in the top-left of the screen:


See alsoEdit

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