Dyos' Virtue is a system used to buff the characteristics of your character and is available when level 60 is reached. Soul Power is consumed when upgrading the elements within Dyos' Virue system. Hit V to bring up the Virtue interface (or the Vice interface if you have it):


The following notes relate to the numbers in the image above:

  1. Virtue level. You need to increase it to meet the requirements of some of the elements in the Virtue system.
  2. A button to switch to Nyos' Vice. You can only eighter have Dyos' Virtue or Nyos' Vice, not both.
  3. A button to start the series of quests that need to be completed in order for the next Soul Power Gate to open. Hover your cursor over this button for a description of the requirements.
  4. A button to increase your Soul Power level. Hovering your cursor over the button will tell you the requirements.
  5. The + sign used to upgrade the elements in Dyos' Virtue is highlighted. Note that the square with the green highlighting may make the + sign hard to see, but it's still there. Simply clicking the square with the green highlighting is not sufficient to upgrade it. Target the + sign instead.
  6. The 'Soul Power' button and the 'Runes' button open a interface with a explaination of the Soul Power and Runes concept.
  7. The 'Rune Tree' button shows or hides the Rune Tree interface.
  8. The Rune Tree interface.

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