Gear Upgrade is a Gear-related Service also known as Upgrading and is used to increase the level of your gear. The Blacksmith can upgrade weapons and the Armorer can upgrade armor. If you try to upgrade weapons at the armorer or vica versa, the message 'service failed' will appear.

Upgrading gearEdit

Upgrading gear can be done trough the gear-related services interface, which is available at a Blacksmith or Armorer NPC. When interacting with the Blacksmith or Armorer, select 'Gear-Related services' from the interaction menu.

1. In the following screen, click 'Identification' (it should say Gear Upgrade):


2. After clicking the 'Identification' button, the following screen will appear:


The numbers in the image above relate to the following notes:

  1. It says 'Fashion Upgrade' but it should say 'Gear Upgrade'
  2. The original gear you want to upgrade. Make sure you un-equip it first because you have to drag it from your inventory.
  3. The gear as it would when you upgrade it.
  4. The required item(s). In the image above, a specific item for a specific weapon is used and no additional items are required.
  5. Requirements for the gear. In the image above, it is required that the gear is upgraded to fortification level 9.
  6. Once all the requirements are fulfilled, you can select 'Start' or 'No'. If you press start and the message 'Service failed' appears, you have tried to upgrade a weapon at the Armorer or a peice of armor at the Blacksmith, which doesn't work. Upgrade weapons at the Blacksmith and armor at the Armorer.

After the upgrading is finished, you gain:

  • Experience Points
  • Soul Power
  • The newly upgraded gear

You lose:

  • The gear you originally put into the upgrade window
  • Any required items you put into the upgrade window

Related itemsEdit

  • Fragrant Fertilizer - used as a required item, if applicable.
  • Warlord Emblem - used as a required item when upgrading to Hero gear.

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