Godlike Glory is a quest given by Henry in Nightfall Citadel and can be completed 30 times a day. Each time the quest is done a new objective is recieved. The event Calendar gives the following description:


Henry gives the following explanation when the quest is selected:



The following objectives are possible:

Turn Objective Reward





Item objectives:

  • Tigers Blood (0/2) - Charlie
  • Rose Gin (0/2) - Charlie
  • Luscious Seduction (0/2) - Charlie
  • Strong Mana Tonic (0/2) - Ammy
  • Strong Health Tonic (0/2) - Ammy
  • Basic Health Tonic (0/2) - Ammy
  • Basic Mana Tonic (0/2) - Ammy
  • Weak Health Tonic (0/2) - Ammy
  • Milk (0/2) - Michell
  • Spice (0/2) - Michell
  • Wheat Powder (0/2) - Michell
  • Baking Yeast (0/2) - Michell
  • Spring Water (0/2) - Michell
  • Newborn Enery Potion (0/2) - Rachel
  • Newbirth Magic Potion (0/2) - Rachel
  • Glazed Flask Lv1 (0/2) - Luia

Recipe objectives:

  • § Lavender Oil (0/1) - Luia
  • § First Aid Potion Lv1 (0/1) - Luia
  • § First Aid Potion Lv2 (0/1) - Luia
  • § Light Health Potion (0/1) - Luia
  • § Light Mana Potion (0/1) - Luia
  • § Health Potion (0/1) - Luia
  • § Gold Stone (0/1) - Gerald
  • § Adv. Salvage Lv1 (0/1) - Melanie
  • § Basic Salvage Lv1 (0/1) - Melanie
  • § Cut: Solarflare I (0/1) - Mina Starwind


  • History Lesson (0/1)
  • Experience Points
  • Soul Coins

Item objectives:

  • Spring Water (0/2) - Michell
  • Edge Badge (10)
  • Merit Points (2)
  • Experience Points
  • Soul Coins

Item objectives:

  • Edge Badge (10)
  • Fealty Points (2)
  • Experience Points
  • Soul Coins
  • World Flute (1)

Item objectives:

  • Experience Points
  • Soul Coins
  • World Flute (1)
  • Sometimes Fealty Points (2)

Recipe objectives:

  • § Mana Potion (0/1) - Luia


  • History Lesson (0/1)
  • Experience Points
  • Soul Coins
  • World Flute (1)

For item quests, you have to visit NPC's in Nightfall Citadell to obtain the items and bring them back to Henry. The quest description will tell you which NPC sells the items.

For the History Lesson, you have to visit NPC's in- and outside of Nightfall Citadell and select the 'Godlike Glory: History Lesson' quest. When the quest is selected, the objective of your Godlike Glory quest is completed. The Godlike Glory quest will tell you what NPC you have to interact with.

Notes for History Lesson:

  • NPCTimmy
    When Henry sends you to Timmy for your History Lesson and you click Timmy's name, you will auto-route to Charlie's tavern. However, this is not correct. Timmy is a NPC running around Nightfall Citadel with his dog.


To see which turn you are currently in, hover the mouse over the quest objecitve. It will show you your current turn:


You can also use the alternate way to see your current turn:

1. Click the Calendar button (U):


2. Click the Godlike Glory event in the Calendar. If it does not show up in the 'Recommended events', you can find it by browsing the Calender using the buttons on the left.


3. Once Godlike Glory is selected, it will show your current turn on the right page:


Note: in the example above the 'current turn' as indicated in the objective description tells you that you have completed Godlike Glory 14 times and are currently working on the 15th time (hence: current turn is 15). The times indicated in the Event Calendar tells you that you have completed Godlike Glory 14 times. That's why the two numbers differ by 1.

Pet JourneyEdit

The first 10 turns of Godlike Glory may be completed by starting the Pet Journey with the same name. Your pet will complete them for you so you don't have to do it yourself. It takes your pet 5 hours if no time is deducted.


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