This page contains a list of Quests By Region and Level. For an explaination of the quests system, see Quests.

Gloomy ForestEdit

  • [10] Quest Name
  • [11] Quest Name

Hazed WildernessEdit

  • [10] Quest Name
  • [11] Quest Name

Lunagrant WoodlandEdit

  • [10] Quest Name
  • [11] Quest Name

Kalaires PlainEdit

  • [10] Quest Name
  • [11] Quest Name

Freedom HarborEdit

[10] Quest NameEdit

[?] a pair of puppets.Edit

  1. go talk to susan to get the quest
  1. go to grocery npc to buy a pair of scissors and give to susan
  1. wait for susan to sew the doll ( u can go lvling or do other things)
  1. dolls completed,take n keep for quest in sea of obivilion (you will meet this quest later)


Sea of OblivionEdit

  • [10] Quest Name
  • [11] Quest Name

Triumph PlainEdit

Winter HeightsEdit

  • [10] Quest Name
  • [11] Quest Name

Sleeping JungleEdit

  • [10] Quest Name
  • [?] Solarien's Spirit

Eclipse HollowEdit

Enter Eclipse Hollow trough the Vengeance Promoter. Not all quests listed below are available at the same time. For more information, see Eclipse Hollow.

Dailys / Event BasedEdit

  • [10] Quest Name
  • [11] Quest Name

Misc / UnknownEdit

( If you find a start location for one of these please update it accordingly )

Daily Fishing ContestEdit

( Occurs 7am, 10am, 1pm, 4pm, 7pm, & 10pm server time. )Edit

[?] 10 Fishing Medals
[?] 30 Fishing Medals
[?] 60 Fishing Medals
[?] 90 Fishing Medals
[?] 120 Fishing Medals
[?] ... Continuing to an unknow height

[11] Quest Name

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