Mounts in Forsaken World allow you to travel around much quicker than you would on foot.

At level 20, you will get a quest to receive a free timed mount that will last you 1 week. This will help you travel around as you continue leveling up and give you a taste of the benefits that owning a mount includes.

You can also get a free mount by gaining enough faction reputation for your racially specific mount. You gain reputation by completing various daily quests, and progressing through the storyline.

You can also simply purchase a mount out of Eyrda Boutique with real world money. There is a wide variety of mounts available in this boutique, so check them out by hitting the (default) "J" key and navigating to the mounts tab.

Using a mount is very simple. Right-click the mount icon in your inventory and you will begin to summon your mount. Right click it again to dismount when you want to get back on your feet.

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