Odyssey is a part of the Shylia Market. In this category, you are rewarded certain gifts for completing quests that lign up with the specified element in the Odyssey.

Opening the Odyssey interfaceEdit

To access the Odyssey interace, do the following:

1. Click the Shylia Market button in the bar in the top-right corner of the screen


2. Go to the Odyssey tab


Here you will find 4 sub-catgories (Daily, Instance, Hero & Social), which will be explained below.


Describe the daily Odyssey


Describe the daily Adventurer Odyssey


Describe the daily Experience Odyssey

Nightfall DailiesEdit

Nightfall Dailies has the following description:


You can contribute to the completion of this Odyssey by completing the Run Boy Run, Watch Rotation and Nightfall Secrets quests.

You need to complete the quests 15x to complete the Odyssey. In the example image above, the quests have been completed 16 times, so the 'Recieve' button lights up. The quests can be completed in any order and you are not required to finish all 3 of them. For example, you may choose to complete Nightfall Secrets 15 times instead.

As descibed, you recieve 10 Aepelian Reward Boxes after clicking 'Recieve'.

In order to complete the next Nightfall Dailies Odyssey, you need to complete the quests 60 times. The 15 times you have already completed do not reset so you start with a counter of 15.

Elemental WarEdit

Describe the daily Elemental War Odyssey


Describe the instances Odyssey


This paragraph describes the Hero Odysseys

Gold RushEdit

Describe the Gold Rush Odyssey

Good LearnerEdit

Good Learner has the following description:


The quests called Alchemy Tutorial and Cooking Tutorial are good quests to complete this odyssey. After completing this odyssey, you recieve 7 Aepelian Reward Boxes. As with all the odysseys, the amount of quests required to complete this odyssey again is increased after you complete it.


Describe the Social Odyssey

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