Otis Horkennan is a NPC in Nightfall Citadel. You can exchange Faith Tokens with him, among other things.



Otis Horkennan allows you to exchange the following items

For Token of FaithEdit

Amount of Token of Faith Reward
10 10 Edge Badge
700 Battle Panther (lv20) (Mount)
250 Kluer (Pet Stone)
3500 Icewind Soldier's Pay Pack
2000 Heavenly Crystallized Oracle: Light of Revelation
2 Book of Faith: Meditation I
6 Book of Faith: Meditation II
12 Book of Faith: Meditation III
1 Magic Word Glossary
5000 Blaze (Flying mount)
10 Radiant Golden Chest
3 Star Fragement
12 Star Diamond
5 Hicks' Whistle
8 Pet's Trial Scroll
2 Pet's Elemental Scroll
1 Pet's Fissue Scroll
1 Tome of Battles
50 Gold Parchment
3000 Selvans (Flying Mount)
4 Beginner Mounted Combat Pack (B)
100 Advanced Mounted Combat Pack (B)
200 Refined Star Crystal
35 Life Flood
35 Mana Flood
1 (Also requires 5 Guild Merit) Extract Scroll Lv2
4 (Also requires 5 Guild Merit) Extract Scroll Lv3
6 (Also requires 5 Guild Merit) Extract Scroll Lv4
30 Milliner's Trim
16 Benjamin's Button
10 Tailor's Textiles
6 Golden Anglets
2 Enhanced Tailoring Magic
19 Life Tap
19 Mana Tap
24 Life Serum
24 Mana Serum

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