This page describes the concept of Resistance as it applies to your character. Resistance reduces the damage taken from the corresponding elements.

Your resistance is noted in the right column of the Masteries/Resistance menu in the Character window:

HintUICharacterWindowMasteryResistance ResistanceColumn

  1. If the Mastery/Resistance menu is folded in the character menu, click this tab to expand it.
  2. This column displays your resistance levels. A higher resistance level means more incoming damage is reduced.

Resistance TrainingEdit

This section describes the concept of Resistance Training, which is used as a means to increase your resistance levels.

Opening the Resistance Training menuEdit

To train your resistance, first open the Resistance Training menu as follows:

  1. Open the Character window and click the 'Mastery & Resistance' button in the 'Mastery/Resistance' section.

2. The Masteries window will appear. Click the Resistances tab in the menu:


Increasing your Resistance levelsEdit

This section explains how to increase the Resistance level using Resistance Training.


  1. The horizontal line of images are the resistances you can train. Currently the Physical Resistance is selected.
  2. Displays the current level of resistance for the selected element. In this case, it indicates that the Physical Resistance level is currently 3.
  3. The Gold Cost to increase the level trough training. You only pay Gold Coins if you have incufficient Resistance Training Points (see the next point).
  4. This indicates your Resistance Training Points. In the image there are 6 Resistance Training Points available.
  5. Clicking this button will consume training points and increase the resistance level of the element you selected.

Related itemsEdit

The following is a list of items related to Resistance:

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