This page explains everything concerning Runes. Runes are used to enhance the potential of Dyos' Virtue and Nyos' Vice.

Embedding RunesEdit

The Dyos' Virtue and Nyos' Vice interface contain a number of slots where runes can be embedded. Before attempting to embed the rune, make sure that the slot meets the required level for the rune you are trying to embed. You can tell what level is supported by hovering the cursor over the rune slot:


Open the Dyos' Virtue or Nyos' Vice interface and drag the rune to the corresponding slot:


In the above example, a Stable Fervor Rune Lv3 is used, which goes into a red slot. This is because in the description of the rune, the color is noted as follows:


The same goes for runes of other colors (Yellow, Blue, etc).

When the mouse button is released after dragging the rune, the following message may appear depending on whether or not the rune is already bound:


When the confirm button is pressed, the rune is embedded into the slot:


In the rune tree, the fervor is increased by the amound indicated on the rune. In this case, it is increased by 4:


Removing embedded runesEdit

Embedded runes can be removed by right-clicking the rune inside the rune slot. This will cost you a certain amount of Gold Coins. The rune cannot be removed if you have insufficient Gold Coins.

Obtaining RunesEdit

To be added. In the meantime, see this link.

Combining RunesEdit

Runes can be combined to change and improve their properties. To combine runes, talk to a NPC that offers the rune combination services. For example, Sabrina in the Hall of Glory in Nightfall Citadel. Interact with her and select eighter Normal Rune Combination or Advanced Rune Combination:


Normal Rune CombinationEdit

Once you click 'Normal Rune Comination', the following window appears:


In the example above, a Equilibrium Fervor Rune Lv1 and a Equilibrium Wisdom Rune Lv1 are used. The 'Cost' field indicates that one Silver Coin will be consumed. If you do not have enough Coins, the message 'Insufficient funds' will appear and the combination is cancelled.

If you have 2 runes of the same rank, you’ll be able to exchange them for a new rune. The result between 2 different colored runes will be a random colored rune of the same rank. Two runes from the same color, but different classes can give you a rune of a new class. (Source)

Advanced Rune CombinationEdit

To be added

See alsoEdit

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