Location: The Sanctuary

Secret In The Pot is an initial side-quest given to elves in the starting area of the Sanctuary. It is an interaction quest that requires you to find and use a specific pot in Osloh Village where you will recieve your first lore card as an elf.

Quest Start: Yerilya Farocean

To begin this quest, speak to the priestess, Yerilya Farocean, whom is standing on a boat near the initial spawn point for new elves and nearby Elder Wisestorm. It seems the young priestess has a thing for drawing, and has stashed a few lore cards in a pot near the grocer. Because you are leaving the Sanctuary, she wishes you to have one.

The pot is located behind Grocer Letto, whom stands a short jaunt to the south-east of Yerilya's position. Simply interact with the pot and you will recieve the lore card, Osloh the Sanctuary. Taking the card automatically completes the quest.

Quest End: Automatically

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