Soul Power Gate is a milestone in the progress to complete Dyos' Virtue or Nyos' Vice. In total, there are 10 Soul Power Gates and each one requires the player to complete certain quests. After opening a Soul Power Gate, the player is able to upgrade the level of Nyos' Vice or Dyos' Virtue. The table below describes the 10 Soul Power Gates' requirements.

Gate Quest log description Notes
Gate I
Gate II

Evernight Island (requirement 3) can be completed by your pet. Simply start the Pet Journey with the same name.

Reward for completing:

150000 Soul Power

Gate III

Balloon Bonanza! requires you to complete the Nightfall Secrets quest at least once.

For the second reqirement, see Unlocked Chest

Gate IV
For requirement 2, see Godlike Glory
Gate V

For requirement 1: 'Glory' is actually dedication.

For requirement 2: Finish God's Trial 2, specifically to kill the Apostasy Orchestrator (or overlord).

For requirement 3: It appears as 'Instance: Defend Dusk Town' in the Quest Tracker, but you have to complete The Adventurer's Commission.

Gate VI

Gate VII
Gate IX
Gate X

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