The Adventurer's Commission is a quest given by El Nino, the Adventurer Tutor. This quest may be the objective of Today's Personal Luck Quest. The skills used in the Adventurer's job are required to complete this quest, so you have to have the adventurers job activated at least once. El Nino gives the following explaination:


Solving the Adventurer's MapEdit

After accepting the quest, you are required to talk to El Nino to obtain the Adventurers map. After El Nino gives you the Adventurers map, use the Observation skill from the Job-skills interface or your hotbar if you have it there. After using the observation skill, the Adventurers map is removed from your inventory and you recieve a Solved Adventurers map.

Finding the general areaEdit

The Solved Adventurers map has a description with the general area of the treasure. For example: "A decrypted Adventurer's Map that seems to be indicating the general area of 'Crystal Valley'". The location 'Crystal Vally' is specified this time, but the next time it might be another location, like 'Triumph Plain or Polar Borderlands'.

Finding the precise locationEdit

Now you are ready to start looking for the treasure. Use the Solved Adventurers map and read the messages you recieve in the bottom-left corner of the screen (where the chatbox is). Tip: drag the Solved Adventurers map to a slot on your hotbar so you dont have to keep your inventory open. When you use it, a message will appear similar to:

Required location is to the <direction>.

<direction> can be one of the directions of the compass (North, East, South West) or a combination thereof, i.e. NorthWest. It does not specify the distance so you have to walk into the direction untill it changes. For example, if the direction is north and you walk to the north, at a certain point the direction will change to south, which means that you have passed the location.

Obtaining the treasureEdit

Once you have found the location, you will see a blue arrow above the ground. Get close to the arrow and use the Solved Adventurer's Map again. This action will cause you to 'dig up' the Adventurers treasure. Take the Adventurer's Treasure back to El Nino.

Completing the questEdit

Interact with El Nino and select the option to complete The Adventurer's Commission quest. El Nino will compliment you and give you a reward:

  • Experience Points
  • Soul Coins
  • Adventurer's Silver Chest
  • 10 Adventurer's EXP.

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