The Heptameron 1 - Books is a quest where you have to collect 7 books that are scattered across Nightfall Citadel. The quest is given by Ariston. The quest log gives the following description:


Finding the booksEdit

You have to look around Nightfall Citadel to find the books. They appear as books laying upon a surface with no exlamation mark or other indicator. Only when the mouse is hovered over the book you can see the name of it.


Crystal CryptEdit

Crystal Crypt is located in Mercury Marketplace on the counter of the Anima Master called Sharlo.


Amethyst SoulEdit

Amethyst Soul is located on the workbench of Luia the Alchemist Tutor in Rosemason Hall.


Spring of LoveEdit

Spring of Love is located on a table in Charlie's Tavern. Once picked up, it appears as 'Tears of an Angel' in your inventory (somehow).



Moonlight is located on one of the benches in Sundown Theatre.


A Child's SmileEdit

A Child's Smile is located on one of the tables on the Magic Airship.(source)


Golden CurseEdit

Magic Academy (behind Ives, next to the telescope)(source)


Tears of PharaohEdit

Alliance Square (east of Sundown Theatre, south of Mercury Union) (behind Azora, on the rail - Azora is on the small bridge, right of the purple teleporter) (source)


Giving the books to AristonEdit

Interact with Ariston to open the interaction menu. A option will appear called "The Heptameron 1 - Books". When clicked, a new window opens where you will be asked to put the found book into the box in the window:


To put a book into the window, drag it from your inventory or right-click it. Then press Submit to turn it in. Afterward, the quest is removed from your quest log and you will have to accept it again from Ariston. After accepting it, it will have changed the counter next to the quest title:


As shown in the image above, one book has been turned in and this quest tells you to turn in the second book. This number will continue to increase untill all 7 books are turned in.

If you try to turn in a book you already gave (they respawn after logout/login), a message will appear: "You have already submitted this book.". Books you already sumbitted can be destroyed trough the inventory window.

Finishing the questEdit

After giving all the books, he has one last exclamation mark above his head. When you interact with him and select the heptameron quest one last time, the quest doesn't appear in the quest tracker but instead it shows a message in the center of the screen:


As a reward, you recieve the Heptameron:


When right-clicking The Heptameron, the following text appears:


Upon pressing Add, the following message appears in chat: "The Heptameron collected: Epic Revelation". The Heptameron is removed from your inventory.

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